Support Crew

In order to participate in an event like RAAM an enormous amount of support is involved and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our crew. Our crew of six will keep us fed, watered and on the road 24/7 (effectively we are doing 6 one hour full effort time trials a day on a rolling basis) and will take care of every aspect to the ride, which is not riding itself.

John Moorhouse – Crew Chief!

On my way to being the 51st person to complete the Explorers Grand Slam (the 7 summits and both Poles) I had the pleasure of climbing Everest and Denali with Guy, who later did us the honour of being witness to Karen and my wedding in the Cayman Islands. Sudarshan, or Sid as he is better known, is a close friend – some would say, surrogate son – with whom I have shared a multitude of challenges including two ironman events, an etape and sorties up Denali and Aconcagua. I will always blame Pete Flooks for dragging me off on my first Scottish winter mountaineering trip in 1978 and setting me off on a life of extreme outdoor activities. My little legs do not go very fast but, coupled with a stubborn ‘Yorkshire’ frame of mind, they have kept me going to be able to complete many endurance races such as the marathon des Sables, the UTMB, the lakeland 100 and the Amazon Jungle marathon to name but a few. Not forgetting the Himalayan 100 in which Karen came first lady.

When accepting the position of Crew Chief I had no idea of the monumental size of the task ahead, and that I would need every ounce of endurance experience to wade through the seemingly endless files and rules. We, the crew, are a close knit family team (Libbi is Karen’s daughter) and it is going to be a pleasure to support our Fantastic Four racers in crossing the finish line and achieving the goals for their respective Charities.

Karen Moorhouse

After spending 20 years working for an Educational Software Company in the UK, I am all geared up for my early retirement in May. When the opportunity arose to volunteer as RAAM crew, I thought it was a great way to mark my retirement before I set out to spend my upcoming years exploring the world. I have always had a strong love for sport and have spent a number of years participating in international endurance running events. I also enjoy cycling, rock climbing and my latest new sport of sea kayaking in any down time I can find!

Libbi McGibbon

As the youngest crew member and with my career in Digital Marketing, I am tasked with helping to document the guys big adventure! Keeping our media team in Cayman up to date, with the latest goings on from life on the road – all around my regular crew duties of course. Coming from a family of keen adventurers, I certainly love an adventure so when the opportunity to participate in RAAM came up I couldn’t turn it down. It’s very different from my usual running and endurance events, but I am certainly looking forward to the challenge and will do just about anything to travel across another piece of this wonderful planet!

Nathan French

Having enjoyed an action packed year being persuaded to participate in a number of crazy races and events. The first being Man Vs Mountain a 22 mile race to the summit of Snowdon and back down the other side. With having the Lakeland 3 day event and the Edinburgh Ultra still to come this year, you can certainly say I’ve caught the running bug from John, Karen & Libbi. I am incredibly grateful and excited to be invited to Crew for Team 3K4 and help them achieve their goals and raise money for their respective charities. I have been to America once before doing a tour of the northern states, through Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks but have a feeling this visit will be very different!

Pete & Sue Flooks

As we have so many adventurous and athletic crew members, its only fitting that all that talent is counter balanced by a couple of plodders to even out the dynamics – that’s us Pete and Sue. Whilst Pete is adaptable and good with a monkey wrench, Sue is in her element with a bat and ball. In recent years (thanks to an early exit from the PAYE system) we have been fortunate enough to travel to many places around the world, and can now speak English in 32 different countries. Having survived mugging in Rio, camel pizza in the outback, stalking in Jo’berg, marine engine failure on the high seas (on numerous occasions) and far too many beers we are looking forward to what America has to offer! If the RAAM teams survival is the name of the game, we will all arrive in Annapolis with tenderly massaged buttocks and time to spare. Happy cycling!