Russell Crumpler

I am a 39 year old accountant, insolvency practitioner, reluctant cyclist, runner and swimmer. I have, at times, promised myself that I will never do another marathon, an ultra, a 10km swim or an ironman. For a man normally very true to his word, I have broken these promises and dragged myself around all of these events. I have never sworn off cycling though and RAAM was always one of those crazy ideas I had heard of, put on the bucket list and dismissed. However, when this opportunity came along I could not say no.

So now I am mountain biking to work (it is VERY hilly in the BVI); pushing weights; doing yoga; and watching a lot of Netflix and sending work emails whilst on my turbo trainer. Game on….

I am proud to be using our attempt at RAAM to raise money for some fantastic causes. However, for me personally, the chance to raise money for Ellie’s Wish, is a vital part of why I am doing RAAM. Ellie’s Wish was set up to improve BVI paediatric care in the wake of a little girl being prevented from living her own life to the full by a tragic accident. It is also why I will be sporting pink handlebar tape for the duration of my training and the race itself.