Sudarshan Ratnavelu

I am 34, currently living in England. When the opening for a relay team member presented itself I leapt at the opportunity, as I feel this is a once in a lifetime chance to be part of such a unique event.

I remember my first ever bicycle from when I was five – it felt like it weighed a ton and cycling has been a passion of mine since I was a boy. When I lived on an isolated hill in Kuala Lumpur, cycling was a practical means of getting out and about. When I was at school in Belfast, it was a way of travelling further faster. However, I took a circuitous route to riding competitively – by way of getting into running, then mountaineering, then finally triathlons, bringing me back to my love of cycling.

I am looking forward to both the start line and the finish line. Everything in-between will be an experience of a lifetime, but I daren’t imagine that any of it will be easy. I ride to benefit Macmillan charity and all the great work they are doing. No one should have to face cancer alone and Macmillan needs and relies on your donations to continue its works.