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Keep up to date with the latest news from Team 3K4 as they prepare for the epic Race Across America.

Team 3K4 Crew Training Camp…

Going to extreme lengths to prepare ourselves for lack of sleep, no showering and sheer exhaustion, myself and 3 of my fellow Team3K4 crew members, embarked on an epic journey fell running in England’s beautiful Southern and Central Lake District last bank holiday weekend. Covering between 83-97km each and over 5500m of ascent in just […]

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Extreme cross training and how NOT to do it….

KPMG Tortola Torture 1 – Crumpler 0 22 April saw the third running of the KPMG Tortola Torture ultra-marathon. It is billed as the shortest, toughest ultra out there. Whether or not that is correct, it is certainly the case that hardly any of the 54km is flat and that there is about 13,000ft of […]

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March Training Notes

October through to March has been mile after mile of base building, the more time spent in the saddle the better, building a bomb proof aerobic base (70 – 85% of maximum heart rate) by continual sessions that create a bank of fitness that we can tap into when push comes to shove. A typical […]

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