Gulp… taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend

RAAM is nearly upon us. I have just been eating my lunch and looking at the official website. Feeling very nervous about the whole thing!

Fortunately though, we have a bank holiday weekend in the BVI which is great. Ideal opportunity to spend some quality time with the family, take Harry on his first boat trip, have brunch with friends and squeeze in a full race simulation set…..The aim is to mimic the stresses that will be placed on us over the course of our RAAM week, before hitting the best and final part of my training – the taper. However, with the greatest respect to most people in the BVI, our roads are not always the safest so I will mainly be doing this on my turbo trainer in front of Netflix – Season 2 of Billions here I come!

Training schedule below:

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PS – Posting this blog as it will actually make me do the training! Wish me luck.

Gulp… taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend